The Chesterfield Canal

The Chesterfield Canal opened in 1777 and ran 46 miles from Chesterfield to the River Trent at West Stockwith. It passed through the centre of the area, linking it to the growing national waterways system.

The Staveley Forge sent pig iron to ports along the east coast and the building of the canal gave the early ironmasters an opportunity to expand their business.

MadelaineCanal trail

Today, the Chesterfield Canal is widely recognised as one of the most beautiful and varied waterways in England. It goes through tranquil countryside, with a wide variety of wildlife, and is hugely popular with walkers and cyclists.

Visitors can walk on the towpath known as The Cuckoo Way, explore the trans-pennine trail which passes through the area, take a leisurely cruise on one of several trip boats or just relax at the café.

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