Find your ancestors

MR Loco Staff Book

Did your ancestors work for the Midland Railway?

The Roundhouse Staff Book (1875 onwards) contains details of employees, with each page giving a snippet of the day to day hiring and firing of staff in the steam days of the early 1900’s.


Church with graves


Were your ancestors buried in the Staveley Parish Churchyards?

Burials in Staveley Churchyard from the 1600’s.

Memorial with graves


Burials in the churchyard extension (now the Garden of Remembrance) which opened in 1853.




For burials in the Inkersall Road Cemetery which opened in 1884, please contact Chesterfield Borough Council Cemeteries and Churchyard Services 


RootswebStaveley Parish baptism, marriage and burial records can be found here

Where did they live? Visitors tracing their Barrow Hill ancestors contact us from all over the world to find out which house their family once lived in. The house numbers on the census were different each year, depending on the route the census enumerator walked around the village. Sometimes the Terraces were named separately, at others they were just included in the numbering. Errors led to some houses on Station Road being listed as Block Houses and Cavendish Place being included with Furnace Hill. The addition of two houses, converted from stables, confused the numbering even further. We have analysed census returns from 1841-1911 and devised maps for each census year. Please contact us if you are trying to identify your ancestor’s home and we will do our best to help.