Hollingwood Hotel

Holl Hotel2 wm

1928 Lounge Hall, Hollingwood Hotel

THE HOLLINGWOOD HOTEL opened on September 15th, 1928. It had “a magnificent ballroom, facilities for dinners and dances, a resident orchestra, 13 bedrooms each served with hot and cold water, a private lounge, a dining-room served direct from the most up-to-date kitchen, a bowling green, pavilion and garages.”

Holl Hotel1 wm

1928 Dining Room, Hollingwood Hotel

It was said to be “the last word in hotel construction,” “one of the finest hotels in the district.”

The owners were the Chesterfield Brewery Company and the landlady was Mrs Hilda A. Clift.

D. H. Lawrence is said to have used the area in and around the villages of Eckington and Renishaw Hall as inspiration for his 1928 novel “Lady Chatterley’s Lover.” Travelling from Chesterfield, he would have passed the newly built village of Hollingwood, and the Hollingwood Hotel, which has been said to be the model for the Coningsby Arms. Read the extract here and see what you think.