The history of Staveley Works, the collieries and mines in the area and the railways each justify a separate website of their own . It is not our intention to try to research a complete history of local industry on this site, rather to provide photograph galleries and links to those sites and articles that already exist.

Staveley Works Gallery

The Brickworks

The Arrival of the Railway

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Britain from Above photographs

Photographs prior to demolition 2008

Barrow Hill Monkey by Ann Lucas 003

The Barrow Hill Monkey

The Barrow Hill monkey sits on top of the weather vane above the Clocktower offices on Works Road.

It is said that Charles Markham designed the hinged, brass monkeys tail to point upwards (as in this photo) whilst the company was in profit, and to point downwards if they made a loss.

Clocktower entrance

The Clocktower Ramp


The ramp outside the Staveley Works offices (Clocktower) was designed by master engineer Charlie Markham and acted as the self-starter for his car – simple but effective.

The opening of the Staveley Works Sports Ground 1953