Dr. Arnold Nash (1906- 1991)

Arnold Nash

Dr Arnold Nash

Arnold Samuel Nash lived at 33, Barrow Hill (The Blocks), the son of coal miner Samuel Nash.

He was educated at Barrow Hill School from where he was the first pupil ever to gain a scholarship to Netherthorpe Grammar School.

Arnold  went on to further education at the University of Liverpool, Ripon Hall, Oxford, and the London School of Economics where he served on the London Council of the British Student Movement.

He held graduate degrees in chemistry, philosophy, and sociology and was a minister in the Anglican Church.

His particular areas of interest were philosophy of science, sociology of science, and the sociology of religion.

In 1939, Nash moved to the USA. He had been invited to lecture at Yale Divinity School and then embarked on a series of guest lectureships at various universities in the USA and Canada that ended with his taking a position as professor in the Department of Religion at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill in 1947.

He was the author of The University and the Modern World (1944) and numerous articles.

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