William Knighton (1824-1887)

William_Knighton_0018 (2)William Knighton was a skilled young mining engineer at Riddings when Richard Barrow persuaded him to join the Staveley Coal and Iron Company as his new foundry manager.

Knighton came from a modest background but went on to work for the Company for 42 years, eventually becoming the general manager of the Company.

He was Vice – Chair of the Chesterfield Board of Guardians but was also vehemently anti- union.

He was succeeded as foundry manager by his elder son Joseph Godber Knighton who had been foundry foreman for several years, then by his second son George Henry Knighton. His grandson, Frederick Knighton, was manager of the New Works blast furnaces from 1908 to 1927.

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