WW1 Centenary Trail

Parkes plaque


The WW1 Centenary Trail forms part of the Barrow Hill Heritage Trail and memorial plaques mark those surviving houses where local WW1 casualties once lived.

Click on the names to read the life stories of these men.

Name Original Address Formerly
Wilfred Walker 3 Allport Terrace
William Cox 12 Allport Terrace
Isaac T V Norman 4 Midland Terrace
Arthur Wedgwood 19 Midland Terrace
Arthur Ratcliffe 24 Midland Terrace
Cecil Wilson 21 Traffic Terrace
William Drury 51 Campbell Drive 2 The Blocks
William Vardy 21 Campbell Drive 25 The Blocks
Henry Parkes 16 Southgate Way 63 The Blocks
John Henry Belfitt 20 Southgate Way 70 The Blocks
Ernest Parry 2 Woodford Way 106 The Blocks
Joseph Salt  11 Woodford Way 93 The Blocks
Reginald Maddams 12 Woodford Way 91 The Blocks
Horace Johnson 1 Chelmsford Way 110 The Blocks
Ernest Allen 6 Chelmsford Way 117 The Blocks
David Richardson 7 Chelmsford Way 118 The Blocks
Thomas Hall 8 Chelmsford Way 120 The Blocks
Thomas Knight 1 Chigwell Way 163 The Blocks
John Steggles 3 Chigwell Way 160 The Blocks
James Benison 7 Chigwell Way 153 The Blocks


WW1 Plaques Map

Download the map here